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Team Drafting, Made Easy.

Draftastic your way to perfect teams. No scheduling chaos, just effortless team building in minutes.

So, how does it work?

Creating amazing teams with Draftastic is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these simple steps:

Set up your Draft

Create a fully customizable draft with teams of any size to kickstart your event. You can also set up participant labels for users to self-identify, ensuring optimal team sorting based on your criteria.

Invite Participants

Share the draft link with your crew and let them join the fun! Participants can sign up instantly or you can create and manage their profiles manually – it's up to you.

Pick Teams

It's time to build your teams! Choose from manual drafting for total control, captains-style for a competitive twist, or auto-pick for balanced teams based on your criteria.

Powerful Features for Seamless Team Building

Draftastic goes beyond basic drafting. Our features empower a smooth and efficient team building experience.

  • Real-Time Drafting

    Create customizable teams of any size, invite participants, view changes as they happen.

  • Detailed Activity Feed & Chat

    Stay in the loop with updates on every draft change and conversation.

  • Smart Matchmaking

    Ensure the right people end up together with custom participant labels and profiles.

  • Branded Experience

    Put your stamp on drafts with your own assets and event details.

  • Flexible Roles

    Grant select participants editor access for full control.

  • Export Results

    Seamlessly integrate drafts into your workflow with CSV downloads.

A Draft Type for Every Scenario

Run your drafts efficiently with three flexible options to build strong teams in minutes.

Effortless Team Balancing

Auto Pick

Perfectly balanced teams, just a few clicks away. Leverage labels, randomization, or prompt the AI with your desired mix of skills, backgrounds, and more.

Relive the Gym Class Glory

Captain's Pick

Channel your inner sports coach! Assign captains and have them take turns drafting participants for a fun, competitive experience.

Craft Your Dream Teams

Manual Pick

Take full control and strategize your selections. Hand-pick every participant to build your ideal teams exactly as you envision them.

Draftastic in Action

From sports to gaming, corporate events to classroom activities, Draftastic is the versatile all-in-one platform for any scenario.

Leave the clipboard behind – Draftastic ensures your sporting events have balanced, competitive teams every time.
Video Games
Unleash your competitive spirit with Draftastic's seamless drafting for epic gaming battles and tournaments.
Empower educators to create balanced, engaging groups tailored to any lesson or activity.
Ditch the spreadsheet chaos and ensure your next company event or team building day runs smoothly with diverse, balanced teams.
And much more...
From special events and parties to escape rooms and board game nights, Draftastic streamlines team formation for any fun activity you can imagine.

Getting started is simple

Create an account, create your first draft, then invite participants. Sign up now to create a draft for free!

Events Powered by Draftastic

Event organizers ditch the spreadsheets and say hello to a smooth, stress-free experience. See how Draftastic empowers efficient team creation.

From Spreadsheet Chaos to Streamlined Fun

Draftastic saved the day (and countless hours) for our corporate away day. No more messy spreadsheets or scrambling to update participants – just a clean, organized experience for everyone.

Sarah, HR Manager

Lot's of fun with Captain's Pick

Our company retreat went from ordinary to epic with Draftastic's Captain's Pick! It reignited friendly competition and brought back the fun of strategizing with teammates – just like the good old schoolyard days.

Michael, Team Lead

Intuitive Interface & Slick Design

Draftastic is so easy to use, even non-tech-savvy participants can pick it up in seconds. The clean and user-friendly interface makes the entire drafting process smooth and enjoyable.

William, Team Member

Transparency & Trust in Team Selection

Draftastic eliminates the guesswork and potential bias of manual team building. The clear drafting process fosters trust and ensures everyone has a fair shot at a great team.

Emily, Project Lead

Keeping Everyone in the Loop

Draftastic keeps participants informed automatically. No more chasing updates or sending endless emails – the platform takes care of communication, leaving us free to focus on the event itself.

David, Event Manager

Automated Drafting: A Time-Saving Hero

Draftastic's auto-draft feature is a lifesaver! It created perfectly balanced teams for our golf tournament in minutes, considering everyone's handicap. No more manual calculations or wasted time – just perfect team synergy from the get-go.

John, Sports League Organizer

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What can I use Draftastic for?

      Draftastic is your one-stop shop for building teams! Use it for team icebreakers, sporting events, gaming tournaments – the possibilities are endless!

    • Will you add integrations to third-party tools?

      Not in the immediate future. However, you can export your draft as a CSV file to integrate with other services manually.

    • Is there a mobile app available?

      Not yet, but the website is mobile-friendly for a great experience on the go.

    • Will Draftastic always be free?

      Due to development costs, there will eventually be a paid tier. However, during beta all features of Draftastic are fully available for free.

    • Can Draftastic support more than 100 participants?

      We're working on it! Currently the limit is set to 100 to optimize performance. We plan to raise this limit in the future.

    • Can I set participant restrictions or permissions?

      Absolutely! Participants can only edit their own info by default. You can promote users to 'Draft Editor' to give them full control.

    • Do you support organization accounts?

      Not yet, but it's on the roadmap! Currently, you can create a draft with a normal user account and promote other users to draft editors.

    • What happens if a user cannot attend the draft?

      No problem! Participants can easily mark themselves as 'not attending.' You can also create 'Reserved' spots for users without accounts.

    • How can I submit a feature request, feedback, or bug report?

      For now, you can email us at [email protected] or through the 'Request a Feature' link at the bottom of this page.